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LandLearn provided structure and support for schools to incorporate studies of sustainable agriculture and natural resource management into the school curriculum. The LandLearn program was a statewide education program, supported by the Department of Primary Industries. LandLearn aimed to:

  • Encourage and support the incorporation of studies about sustainable agriculture and natural resource management into schools' curricula;
  • Provide support for teachers and school communities through professional development, current learning and teaching resources and student activities that make learning fun;
  • Engage students in active, experiential learning which can include on-going participation in community environmental management projects;
  • Promote partnerships between school and community groups, such as Landcare, and between urban and rural schools.

Please continue to access and use the valuable resources that were developed by staff of the LandLearn program.


The Victorian Landcare Gateway website has a link under resources, for schools & students, containing links to other education sites, contacts and many curriculum resources ready for use. http://www.landcarevic.net.au



Resource list for VCE Agriculture and Horticulture students.  Download PDF by clicking here.



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For more information please contact the LandLearn Team: landlearn.program@dpi.vic.gov.au - Ph. (03) 5482 0453
This document was reviewed 22 May, 2012